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the faulty bolts on the eastern span. >>> a lot riding on tesla motors. the company posts a profit for the first time. what does this mean for the electric car market? >>> plus, san francisco native danny glover on the film, "the house i live in" on the war on drugs in the country. >> it is not a war on drugs, but a war on people. >> coming up next. captioning by vitac, underwritten by fireman's fund >>> good evening. welcome to "this week in northern california." one year ago this week, the shootings in oakland took seven lives. today, the national debate of how to stem gun violence continues. california already has some of the toughest gun laws in the country. berkeley assembly member's bill to regulate purchases cleared a committee this week, but requires full approval by the assembly. >>> on the news panel is david bak baker, tom vacar, ktvu news editor and then carla marinucci. president obama's first visit to the bay area since re-election wasn't without controversy. republicans accused him of coming to billionaire row and protesters accused him of coming to the aid of keysto
on watching that. tom, thank you. >>> palo alto-based tesla motors is announcing it is profitable for the first time in the ten-year history. then a second announcement of a financing program for leasing. david, how significant are these developments for tesla and the bay area as a whole? >> the first is very significant. the second one is not quite as much. tesla is going out on a limb here. they did not release full financial results for the quarter. they will do that a bit later. they came out right after the quarter closed and said we finally made a profit by any way they measure it. they are ten years old. a lot of people are saying when will they get to profitability. it is one thing to get to profitability if you are a ten-year-old software company. it is one thing if you are rebuilding a factory. it is a lot harder to get there. this is a huge milestone. the financing thing, they were hoping to ride a little wave of publicity of that. they hyped it up. it was a big super secret announcement they would make. basically they underwhelmed a lot of people as soon as they made i
the so-called smart money is investing? we'll take a look, next. also, still ahead, tesla ceo elan musk revs up for a key investment less than an hour from now. he may have the car of the future, but is it the stock of the future? we'll debate that. and also ahead, did you know that hollywood studios are changzing content to appease the chinese government? it's happening more than you may know. how far should u.s. business go to make sure they penetrate the chinese market? you're watching cnbc, first in business worldwide. using technis streamline their process? at fidelity, we do it by merging two tools into one. combining your customized charts with leading-edge analysis tools from recognia so you can quickly spot key trends and possible entry and exit points. we like this idea so much that we've applied for a patent. i'm colin beck of fidelity investments. our integrated technical analysis is one more innovative reason serious investors are choosing fidelity. now get 200 free trades when you open an account. at tyco integrated security, we consider ourselves business optihow?rs. by b
it signals a shift in the market with a move away from family-sized vehicles to smaller cars. tesla is turning a profit, and it's driving share prices higher. tesla stock jumped more than 15% yesterday as the high- tech automaker revealed its electric sedan sales exceeded expectations. the profit is a first for the electric car company. we'll have more in chart talk. a protest in west virgiana over patriot coal's bankruptcy re- organization plan ended with arrests. thousands of demonstrators showed up for a rally yesterday. the union claims patriot coal plans to cut its pension and healthcare programs. the company denies it and says in a statement: "...patriot coal is not proposing to eliminate healthcare for umwa retirees. in fact, the company's proposal could make hundreds of millions of dollars available for these retirees." an oil spill in an arkansas neighborhood is drawing concern from around the nation. clean- up crews are still tending to the spill, which originated from a crack in an exxon mobil pipeline. the oil was on its way from canada to gulf coast refineres when a lea
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. >> just saying. it's an observation. tesla here. out a long anticipated announcement that had moved the stock earlier this week by the tune of 16% or so. phil lebeau's got the details. phil? >> i'm sorry, melissa, tesla is starting a lease to own program. and essentially what this is going to be is for the model s car. here is how it's going to work. u.s. bank and wells fargo will finance the first 10% down payment for a model s. tesla says after that happens, for people who are credit worthy, their out of pocket monthly expense -- this is important, not just your monthly payment, but your out of pocket monthly expense when you factor in the cost of fuel, insurance, deappreciation will be less than $500 a month. that's an important distinction, because it sounds like the monthly payment is still going to be over $500 a month. after 36 months, if you have decided this is not right for me, i want to unload my model s, they are guaranteeing that the residual value on that model s will be equal to the residual value of mercedes s class. 10 that's the details behind the tesla lease to ow
up 6% and toyota sales increased by 1% after a very strong sales year last march. >>> tesla motors wants to put more of its pricey electric cars on the road by offering something new. allie rasmus is here to explain the big announcement made by tesla. >> reporter: and there's no dials on the dashboard and no key. everything functions through this touch screen control pad. kind of like a big i pad in the car. but unless you have 70 to 100 grand in hand, this car was probably off limits for you but that may be changing now. >> when you hear the accelerator, it's instantaneous. >> reporter: kevin taguchi says this all electric vehicle with keyless entry is worth every penny. >> it feels like you're on a track. >> reporter: and it can go 100 miles without recharging the battery. >> hopefully cars will go in this direction and we'll be able to get off fossil fuels. >> reporter: but it cost him $80,000 in cash to buy it that's after using the $10,000 rebates that come with the electric car. it's a price point out of reach for most of us but t
will be joining us in a little bit. the tesla founder, embroiled in two battles. one with texas and one with sarah palin. both centering around his high-end electric cars. you do not want to miss this interview. and to see what musk has to say about that business. stay with us for that. >> and maria, former apple ceo, john sculley, giving some advice to apple's archrival, samsung. what's the advice? we, he thinks samsung should hire former jcpenney ceo, ron johnson. sku skulley's here to explain why in an exclusive interview. >> let's get to the markets as we approach the final stretch. take a look at where we are. a gain of 64.5 points. earlier today, the market had been lower, lower down as much as 17 points on the dow. the high, up about 85 points on the dow industrials. and as you can see, we are holding on to a double-digit move. nasdaq up 3.5 points, yesterday nasdaq was the best performer. let's get a check on what's sending the s&p to new heights. >> just off the highs, two to one advancing to declining stocks. it's been basically straight up since bottom, that was friday, just after the o
our environment. [ sniffing ] [ seagulls squawking ] >>> a huge day for tesla. they told investors what they have been waiting and wanting to hear. scott budman is here with the details. >> tesla has done pretty well for investors and customers since going public. can the company turn a profit? today tesla released a statement saying it will show a profit and that sent shares of tesla stock off to the races. tesla says it sold more than 2,700 s sedans. more sales than wall street expected. tesla's stock closed up 16% all this a day ahead of whatever announcement tesla's ceo has been tweeting about. that is due tomorrow afternoon. >>> apple shares on the other hand fell by 3% today after ceo tim cook wrote a letter of apology to the chinese government after criticism aimed at effort regarding the customer service policy. the move comes at a time when apple is selling a lot of devices in china and wants relations to be smooth. many bay area companies have struggled trying to get to china. perhaps this will help others. >>> it might be just five or ten bucks at a time but it will add
that brian and keith, you guys are going to stick around. up next, a brand new tesla, right? a $100,000 car. for $500 a month with no money down? sounds like the housing market. we're hoping to rev up sales for the high-end car, at least tesla is. they're unveiling new financing. but is it really just fuzzy math that's a little too good to be true? we'll dig in. i'm telling you right now, the girl back at home would absolutely not have taken a zip line in the jungle. i'm really glad that girl stayed at home. vo: expedia helps 30 million travelers a month find what they're looking for. one traveler at a time. expedia. find yours. the little details. the little moments that make life truly amazing. that's why southwest worked hard on the little and big things to build a better in-flight experience featuring access to wi-fi, live tv, and updated cabins. getting there just got better. we are southwest. welcome aboard. >>> tesla wants you to buy its luxury model s sedan. bad.d. how bad? the company unveiling a new financing program to make the price of the electric car more appealing for the mas
redesigned battery and must now wait for approval by the faa. >>> moving to other news tesla saying he's deeply wounded after sarah palin called his company a, quote, loser. >> scott mcgrew, do you have a feeling he's not as hurt as he lets on? >> reporter: i think he's going to be okay. good morning. he sounded fairly facetious to me. palin apparently made these comments on facebook. she was talking about fisker but then lumped in the chevy volt and tesla as losers as well. and she claimed tesla is a brick, referring to the possibility of the car being damaged when it runs completely out of charge. now, she's not the first to call tesla a loser, mitt romney did, too. motor trend, for its part, called tesla car of the year. >>> it's equal payday today. this the day on the calendar some calculate in which a woman would have to work to make the same amount of money a man did in 2012. the census department says data show women make about 80% of what men do. other studies, which control for education and seniority say in general pay has largely equalized. either way, there is no doubt wome
. meanwhile, mercedes is taking a new direction with an electric car powered by tesla motors. the 2014 mercedes b-class electric drive, a small hatchback, will be sold in a few states in the u.s. next year. tesla helped mercedes develop and is manufacturing parts of the electric drive system. the new mercedes motor is the "big announcement" tesla's ceo elon musk hinted at on twitter last week. given up for dead by some analysts, blackberry is back in the black. look at its latest quarterly numbers: blackberry earned a $98-million profit after a loss of $18 million from operations. blackberry shipped one million of its new z-10 phones in its fiscal fourth quarter, which ended march 2nd. more americans are jumping into rvs for road trips. winnebago has the profits to prove it. the camping company recently released stunning earnings that have now shot up 3 quarters in row, topping wall street's expectations. order backlogs have tripled. now that it's becoming easier to get loans again, the rv industry is benefiting from pent-up demand. "even during the downturn, we saw evidence there was
>> pete? >> mark, i think the pharma names still have upside. >> tesla. >> i will stay with aetna. >> sell facebook. if their answer to the mobile strategy is coming up with a home on the phone, sell it. >> that does it for us. more "fast" tonight at 5:00. have a great rest of the day. >> "halftime" is over. "power lunch" and the second half of the trading day starts right now. >> ceo slashers, pay cuts, guaranteed stock that is no longer guaranteed. today the changing face of the ceo corporate board relationship when it comes to pay. another big problem for carnival. it seems like everything they touch right now turns to, not gold if you know what i mean. the stock has been holding up remarkably well. we will explore just why. and something else to worry about. a warning before you file your taxes. you need to know about a brand new kind of rip-off. the crooks are getting bolder and it could affect you. first to sue. >> it's been a great year. so far in 2013, the dow is up and the s&p up 9.5%. as for the nasdaq it's up a full 7%. but check this out. the dow transports are now dow
. >> reporter: good morning, it starts with tesla, the ceo says he's got another big announcement coming tuesday, but this morning posted tesla already on track to be profitable in the first quarter. tesla says sales are better than expected. they say customers prefer buying the most expensive version of their new model s sedan. so many people, in fact, tesla is dropping the cheaper, lower range version of the sedan. of course cheap is $57,000. now, looking ahead, on friday we'll get the latest jobs data, monthly unemployment number. remember, these are the most important numbers there are. inflation would be second most important bit of data. then a day before that, thursday, we've got facebook. they will announce new software. we do expect it will be more than an android app but a whole version of android software for your phones soup to nuts with facebook as the primary focus. so for example, i'm just making this up, get a call and the facebook picture of your caller pops up. so tightly integrated with your phone. we'll know more on thursday. back to you. >> scott, thank you very much. this n
the tesla ls has a new plan to get more drivers behind the wheel. >>> one year ago today a gunman entered oikos university in oak land and without warning shot -- oakland and without warning shot and killed seven people. one of the victims was the mother of three young children. today we spoke to her husband about the questions that his kids still ask him and his one wish. rob roth is at oikos today. >> reporter: we're standing in front of oikos university and a memorial for the people who died. families grieve separately. the loved ones, doris chabuco left behind prayed today. her mother and husband, portrait of a heartbroken family marking a horrific anniversary. >> just like the wound opened up again. >> reporter: chabuco had been an attorney in her native nigeria, she was taking nursing classes where five other students and an employee were shot to death authorities say by former student goh. the chabuco children ask their father questions. >> the youngest one will ask me why did the guy kill mommy. you know. i don't think i have an answer for that. >> reporter: chabuco is a technicia
. >> 5:13. tesla is so confident in its cars it now says scheduled maintenance, don't bother if you don't want to. scott mcgrew, a lot of confidence in the cars >>> they don't have a lot of moving parts. the brakes don't need replacing. most of the braking is handled by the motor and not the wheels. in a flog post, tesla founder, elon musk says not only are you allowed to skip scheduled maintenance with no effect on your warrant but now tesla will replace the battery system at no cost if something goes wrong. the batteries are the most vulnerable and most expensive part of an electric car. there have been concerns that tesla owner could damage the battery by not following the instructions carefully. tesla says, it will replace the battery even if it is the own inner's fault it was damaged. the company makes two exceptions, collision, that's going to be your insurance company's problem or intentional tampering by a nontesla mechanic. >>> let's check markets this monday morning. kayla tausche is live at cnb this. world headquarters. good morning. >>> we have rebounding from losses the pre
the by area. >> great video. stick around for that. plus a rare defeat for tesla, ahead in business. >>> does not use a single drop of fuel. did you happen to see it over the bay area yesterday? the solar impulse actual ly spet 16 hours flying around the bay area. it has a wing span of a 747 jet but uses power equal to an electric scooter. >> that was just fun to watch. look at that. >> yes, it is. glider there. uses the sun's rays, of course, to charge its 12,000 solar cells. when the sun goes down, it uses a charge that's stored in batteries. the plane is scheduled to take off next week for a cross-country flight. >>> state slogan may be virginia may be for lovers but, guess what, it's not for tesla. the car company will not be allowed to open a dealership there. scott mcgrew is here to explain exactly why. >> virginia says cars have to be sold by private car dealers not car companies. california has no problem with that. here is the tesla showroom in santana row. the car company is working on changing texas law as well. but in virginia this morning, the company gets a big fat no. the head
. >>> the steering wheel of a tesla may be at your reach after all. the company unveiled a new leasing option for its model s sedan. it's a lease of 500 bucks a month for three years and you can choose to tell is car back to tesla. >>> a top exec at google and now at facebook. cheryl sandberg has captured the attention of women across the world. "lean in" has become a top seller and a buzz phrase. we now look at how "lean in" is now a circle. >> reporter: sandberg has critics who say she is a harvard business school grad. what does she know about my struggles. she wants to help all women who want to be leaders in the workplace. >> i want to be the ceo of the company i'm in and run for governor. i want to be the president of stanford university. stand up if you have ever said that aloud to anyone else. >> stand up, lean in. these are more than buzz words for cheryl sandberg who says that women need to fight hardener the workplace. she wants women doing more than reading her book. they want them in lean in circles. >> it's blieklike a book club w purpose. >> reporter: here encourages people to f
march last year. tesla motors' ceo is being secretive about an announcement he plans to make this afternoon. the bay area-based consider company announce ed would hold a conference call at 2:00 p.m. pacific standard time but there's no hints about what he will say. yesterday, tesla announced it's profitable. shares are up 2% right now. >>> today at 5:00 -- the suspect in the rampage this weekend at a san jose walmart store was in court this morning, the reason the judge got angry at the man's attorney plus what we've discovered about the suspect's past. >>> thank you for trusting ktvu channel 2 news. we'll see you the next time news breaks. we're always here for you at and mobile have a good day. elizabeth stanton: los angeles, home to the entertainment industry where you can learn to perform lots of different ways. on stage, on camera and up in the air. that's me, elizabeth. and my friend jimmy bennett and i are investigating the world of entertainment here in the city of dreams. come with us as we discover exactly what it
's sales gained 1% but it had a very strong march last year. tesla motors' ceo is being secretive about an announcement he plans to make this afternoon. the bay area-based consider company announce ed would hold a conference call at 2:00 p.m. pacific standard time but there's no hints about what he will say. yesterday, tesla announced it's profitable. shares are up 2% right now. >>> today at 5:00 -- the suspect in the rampage this weekend at a san jose walmart store was in court this morning, the reason the judge got angry at the man's attorney plus what we've discovered about the suspect's past. >>> thank you for trusting ktvu channel 2 news. we'll see you the next time news breaks. we're always here for you at and mobile have a good day.
they can get it off to an 0-2 start right now. >>> tesla, what they're doing to get you into one of their cars. >>> america in mourning after the death of a woman who helped to create one of the most memorable childhood characters in history. >>> and new trouble for the boy scouts of america. the two lawsuits set to be filed today after the release of the so-called perversion files. >>> welcome back, everyone. taking a live look outside. palo alto this morning. folks are up and out the door a little earlier than normal. maybe getting a jump-start on their day. it's 4:43. bay area automakers may have found the right deal for the top line electric car. it's unveiled a new -- leasing option for its new model-s sedan. a total of $18,000. they say it's not an actual lease. it's kind of a unique program where you can actually choose to buy the electric car or give it back to tesla at the end and get a little more of your money back, sounds like. >> interest iing one on that on >> cupertino's apple getting ready to release yet a new iphone. what, has it been a couple of months now? >>>
. we found one. just one. tesla received $465 million. to build electric cars and doing well. announcing it will repair the mup five years ahead of schedule. they were founded in 2003. but we're opts. tesla says it will turn profit this quarter so we put it to winner's side. it recorded $75 million loss. we're not sure tesla is a winer yet. this was going to be blank if we didn't put tesla here. we need the company. so does the obama administration. the president, i do have to change one thing. winner. winner and loser. president obama has been investing in the companys. it's clear why he went in to government work and was a community organizer, isn't it? this just wasn't going to be his career path. this was all, he said, an effort to create 5 million green jobs. i want you to bear with me here, because this will require a little leap of faith. leap of faith. bureau of labor statics was counting the job. 3.1 million jobs tallied. but they were counting things like bike repair shop clerk, hybrid bus drivers and those installing water-saving toilets. those were green jobs acco
one. tesla received $465 million. to build electric cars. repaying the money five years ahead of schedule. tesla was founded in 2003. we are optimists here and we're there with the obama administration. tesla says it will turn a profit. not sure they are a winner yet. but this would be blank if we didn't put tesla here. we need the company. this is winner and loser. president obama has been investing in the companies. it's clear why he went to government work and community organizer, isn't it? this wasn't going to be his career path. this is an effort to create there are 5 million green jobs. this will require a leap of faith. a little. bureau of labor statistics was counting the jobs. $3.1 million green jobs. but they count the bike repair shop clerks and plumbers to install water saving toilets. those were green jobs according to the federal definition. i would love to tell you how many more were created but the bureau of labor statistics stopped counting them. are you ready for this? because of the sequester. convenient, huh? we'll be right back. up next. mounting evidence
of gasoline. this is clearly not your father's electric car. this is the tesla model s. beginning today you can have one starting at less $500 ap month. the billionaire personally backing this bill that can cost north of $75,000. welcome. i want to get to your creative financing in is second. you're finally making money with this car. would you have been able to do this without the $465 million in loans for the obama administration? >> we probably could have succeeded without the loan. the loan allowed us to get here faster than otherwise would have been the case. so it had a catalytic effect but that was always the intent of the program. was to accelerate the advent of advanced transportation. i think it's had that effect and we've been paying off the loan and so far, so good. >> you've been talking about $500 ap month financing plan. some are questioning how realistic that is. you include cheaper fuel cost, government incentives, a shorter commute. when you factor in available hours that's heart part of the math. the atlantic called the financing claim brilliant and ultimately crazy. what
than profit for car company? i would think profit is pretty important. but tesla's ceo has a different view. >> in my opinion this is more important than profitability. and that is obviously significant. but it is going to be one of those things that people don't quite get in right of the back. as they think about it more and more it will become a much more obvious thing. and it will become apparent in my opinion when people look back and say, okay, that is actually a very important thing that they did. liz: dissolved. what is he talking about? what is more important profits? coming in after the break, we have the entire interview on their new leasing plan. the real story behind it. we did pick it apart. and what are you wearing when you get behind the wheel of whenever you drive? we're talking to the man behind all of the top luxury brands about which type of consumer is spending the most. the chinese, the russians, the @%ericans? it is a fox business exclusive. and talk about powerful vehicles . a key and d.c. entertainment are teaming up to make some super hero themed cars. take the
for the winners because they talk about how successful they are. we found one. just one. tesla received $465 million. to build electric cars and doing well. announcing it will repair the mup five years ahead of schedule. they were founded in 2003. but we're opts. tesla says it will turn profit this quarter so we put it to winner's side. it recorded $75 million loss. we're not sure tesla is a winer yet. this was going to be blank if we didn't put tesla here. we need the company. so does the obama administration. the president, i do have to change one thing. winner. winner and loser. president obama has been investing in the companys. it's clear why he went in to governnt work and was a community organizer, isn't it? this just wasn't going to be his career path. this was all, he said, an effort to create 5 million green jobs. i want you to bear with me here, because this will require a little leap of faith. leap of faith. bureau of labor statics was counting the job. 3.1 million jobs tallied. but they were counting things like bike repair shop clerk, hybrid bus drivers and those installing wat
cadillac ats. and also take a look at electric vehicles. the tesla model s, which sells for well above what the chevy volt and nissan leaf sell for, it outsold the volt and the leaf in the first quarter. electric vehicles still a very small percentage of the overall market. but so far this year, tesla's model s has been outselling the leaf and the volt. and shares of tesla surging to a new all-time high today. bottom line, with march auto sales, the auto industry is posting its strongest sales since the beginning of 2007. in chicago, phil lebeau, nightly business report. >> here to tell us whether the flashy new cars will keep consumers coming back to the showrooms is rebecca lindlom. from where you sit, who is hot and who is not? >> well, as phil said, the results were pretty much in the single digits for just about everybody. but one thing that is fun to watch is the rivalry between bmw and mercedes-benz as they duke it out for the number one sales lead. last two years bmw has surpassed mercedes when it comes to sales. but mercedes is quick to point out that registrations of mercedes have
problems. >> wall street gets back to work after a three-daybreak. some good news from tesla as well. we'll take a look at the markets coming up. >>> a new app being introduced in san francisco to help people report nonemergency and nuisance issues. the smart phone app is called up to code. it says the app will help the city better enforce codes and laws that including housing, safety and health. for example, problems with mold, heat, or hot water. instead of somebody calling to report a problem and the location, the app will simply use gps and allow a user to upload photos as well. >> no april fools here. tesla says it is finally profitable no matter how you do the math. scott mcgrew, that welcome announcement coming a day before another blast of tesla news. >>> the ceo says he has another big announcement on tuesday. he is posting that tesla is on track to be profitable in the first quarter. sales are better than expected and the company says people prefer buying the most expensive version of the new model. so many people it is dropping the cheaper, lower-ranged version of the sedan. t
and civil rights are the issue of our time. >> shares for bay area based tesla motors get a big jolt and it could go even higher today the. >> ahead, the recovery underway for kevin ware and >> santa clara, san francisco, east bay and all bay area, this is abc7 news. >> check out the beautiful picture from mount tamalpais this morning. looking to the east waiting for sunrise, it will be colorful with a few high clouds. today the big story is san jose is the same as yesterday at 68 and everyone else is warmer, oakland will hit 66 and san francisco is 62 and that is one degree warmer. union city is 67, two degrees and concord is 69 and santa rosa will be four degrees warmer at 68. in the north bay valley up to 50 right now. at noon, the low-to-mid 60's away the coast and stuck in the 50's the better part of the afternoon, and topping out in the mid-to-upper 60's. enjoy the quiet evening you will need a coat at the coast at 50. that is a look at the weather. more news, now, with katie marzullo and eric. >> shares of bay area based tesla motors open at an all time high after the electric
the year before. a significant drop in compensation. tesla motors announcing a financing product making the sedan assessable to more people. you can think of this deal as part lease and part purchase. partner backs will provide 10% down financing for purchases of the model s. the buyers will still be able to utilize federal and state tax credit available to electric vehicles. not available to a traditional lease. after 36 months the customer has a right to sell the vehicle to tesla at a value equal to mercedes s class of sedans. musk is guaranteeing the resale value of the car. teasing this announcement on twitter for the last week. phil lebeau will join us with more in the next hour. that is a bad picture of elon musk. he said it was a great ride. >> i haven't been in the bigger one. i drove the smaller one. it's fun. neat. smaller one is small. i'm not that big. i don't know. shaquille o'neal does a buick commercial. i look at him in that buick, you can't drive that buick. >> he says it's really comfy. >> he needs to remove the back seat. >> put it all of the way back. >> corporate le
. >> first, the eventful wake for tesla motorsen -- tesla motors. a live look at live doppler 7 hd helping you track the storm. track and weather, together, >> it is a wet thursday morning and the macarthur maze is looking wet with light rain. just lurking off to the west you can see live doppler 7 hd picking up some moderate rain and this will move just to the north of the macarthur maze if you are coming from berkeley or emeryville and headed to the macarthur maze you will run into heavy rain and possibly ponding. the picture from san rafael shows everything is starting to taper just a little bit with the heavy rain headed toward novato and over 37 to the raceway. to milpitas along 680 it is starting to clear up a little bit with the moderate rain moving into the hills and as we look toward the peninsula, palo alto and the next 10 or 15 messages in newark at 25 minutes you will see a rise in your rainfall rates with another band of moderate rain moving to the northeast. you can see the back edge of had and we have the steady rain through 7:00 and it becomes scattered showers by noon and
. >>> the tesla model s now ranks among the top-selling cars. it is now the second-best selling sedan in the luxury market, second only to the cadillac sts. tesla is outselling mercedes, bmw and lexus in that one category. however, tesla's overall sales are still well below all the other automakers. >>> eye opening statistics about teenage drinking. >>> still breezy out there today but slightly warming. the warming trend has begun. i'll have the specifics. >>> new at 6, if cell service went down, could you contact your family? the things that need to be on your disaster plan. >>> also, a taser incident at this school shocked parents. why it's the second time police have been called here this week. >>> then a bay area rapper killed on the vegas strip. >> i couldn't believe that someone would do that. >> the emotional reaction to the accused killer's first appearance in court, tonight on ktvu channel 2 news at 6. [ man ] they're big. strength we can count on. same with aladdin. the biggest in bail. no one has lower prices, is faster or more professional. aladdin bail bonds. bigger becau
if that might be the impetus to push forward past companies like tesla or others that don't create as many cars or employ as many people, and maybe i don't understand the fundamentals about that. >> well, it is a little theoretical, because westport has one, and tesla has a short squeeze going on, and i have been trying to get my arms around tesla, but i would not own ford or gm off of that and we care more about europe when it comes the ford and gm. michael? >> caller: hey, jim. >> hi, michael. >> caller: with the home builder confidence what is going on with the k.b. homes? >> well, there was a long analysis come out with stewart and lenar being a very big home builder and nationwide presence and what he said was that the smaller builders are part of that and the smaller builders have been squeezed out, so don't read too much into it. i thought that the housing stocks were overly hit today and tomorrow we take a better look at them today. tough day, and we don't know what happened in the market, and we won't pretend that we did, but we have a playbook for when we don't know what is going on a
money to fund green projects, sol indra, the classic example. bill owe ril'reilly taking a sh tesla and their government loans. >>> tesla motors has net losses. this is another electric car, right? >> yes. >> $523 million in losses, in losses. >> he is reasonably accurate. he is not being entirely fair. tesla has lost money as every new car does. their announcement is profitable and has been paying back the loans. this is about oakland-based solar trusts. they got $2 billion from the government. >> it is one of these solar power companies. >> the sun. >> the sun, indeed. oakland solar trust was approved for $2 billion in government loans. they never took the money. so those guys are tutt-tutting over money they never spent, they never lost and you may be surprised who got the most in doe licenses, ford and nissan. >> to bale out the car industry. christina loren is here to talk about a windy whipping around day. >> a lot of leaves in the air. a lot of debris. we could be talking about potential power outages. it is one of those days where you don't want to mess around with the wind.
. the comfortable version that may be headed to a hospital near you. >>> love to see that. plus tesla fights to have its own tesla stores. why is that a problem? >>> welcome back, everyone. golden state warriors, playoff bound. live look at the oracle arena. warrior fans will get a chance to see their team in the playoffs later this month. clinched it in front of the home crowd last night, beating the timberwolves 95-89. >>> down in texas, fighting for the right to sell its cars there. scott mcgrew joins us. why wouldn't the lone star state want the model s? >> it's not so much the car, jon, that's the problem. it's the dealership. many states actually have laws against car companies owning their own car dealerships, which means you won't find stores like this one in certain states. this is the expanded store at santana row in the south bay. tesla argues it's so new and so revolutionary it needs its own people to sell its own cars to get the message out, the way that apple sells its own computers in apple stores. but many old laws in many states, including new york, colorado and texas, forbid that.
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